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January 28, 2019

A natural network

It is almost as important to offer your experience as it is to write about the best solution for this or the best approach for that.

I write because I am documenting my travels through the binary landscape.

I never believe it will get me anywhere.

What is striking is remembering all the tech world really is? It’s people.

I write this as it is the first time blogging that I saw the fruit of my labour. An acquaintance from a meet-up I went to shared my second article. It was an odd moment, but a moment of truly grasping how this market works. You get places, get opportunities because of the people you know and the situations you craft for yourself. I put the hours in, I work with code in the morning and on weekends. I read code books on my travel to and from work. I read inspirational articles from inspirational people all the time. I do all this to get better in the shortest time possible.

Always rushing, never enough time.Always rushing, never enough time.

I feel as if, due to my late start ( a something 30 year old) that I need to do all i can to improve as fast as possible.

This may or may not be true, but judging by friends careers (late starters included) hardwork DOES pay off.

Ok, I am getting off of my main point.


This is where it is at, it is how you make a network that secures you the work to keep progressing and keep doing. I saw not a lot from a year of trying to build connections, but, gradually, it begins to trickle. A slow but steady stream has start to pick up. The more you are present in your community the more you are kept in mind. If you can demonstrate good work with this ability to keep in mind of the tech community you win. Talk to everyone, keep in contact, be present in the moment!

But, I can’t code amazingly yet :(

*Don’t worry fellow traveller! *Giving your opinion and experience is just as valuable. Listen, think about all the articles you read that have helped you along your way! People like you, like me need to write them to keep the older and future generations from giving up, giving in and feeling stranded. It is almost as important to offer your experience as it is to write about the best solution for this or the best approach for that.

Keep the faith, keep working, don’t push too hard and remember to take PROPER breaks and have fun. Rest is almost as important as doing the work.


It is important to remember, without people our world doesn’t turn(i know nature goes on, but I am making a point, ok?) You have to keep putting out material, keep talking, keep tweeting, keep gramming? Do it all, the tremors of your lone voice will eventually move the biggest oceans. Butterfly effect and all that.

Believe in the process, it works. Do it all, read it all, be everywhere. Then hone it down, do what you love and do it** YOUR WAY.**