Learn All of the Languages

June 05, 2019

Anyone else feel that desire to learn it all, learn all the languages that exist. To learn all the new tech coming out?

I have? I do? I did! I am not to sure anymore. I say this because I have discovered (since my attempts to learn React) that I enjoy learning what I know, in exlicit depth.

No, I am not the master of JS or a master node, far from it when you check out people like Wes Bos or Sonya Moisset (check them out, super cool people with super cool talent!). Quickly, whilst on the subject of these two and people like them, remember, they may seem like super-genius level or simply a level you might never attain, but, with no discredit to them, they can’t do things you can. If they can we are all doomed, give up now, run to the hills etc.

My point is, there are people out there that are incredible, but they have to get to that point. Did they get there by chasing all the pretty lights of the tech world, partially yes, but, they had to focus on aspects to get ahead. If you want to achieve true success, you need to understand part of this computer age completely, or mostly. This gives you an edge when walking into other tech. Your insight into how it all works and comes together on a granular level transfer to the learning of all tech.

Learn to love the granular!

Grains, sand, granular…terrible I know -_-Grains, sand, granular…terrible I know -_-

Learn to love the tiny details, if you can’t explain every bracket, every argument being passed in, do you really know HOW your code is working, not that it JUST works. This is a part of my (perfectionist) personality I had to let go. I had to so I could get the picture and once you have take in the view, crouch down and look at the grains of sand beneath you. Find out why each little piece is doing it’s job, or why it isn’t. By no means do this all at once, unless you have that laser, uninterrupted focus, which I** do not*. I have to do it bit by bit, *10, 20 or 30 minutes at a time.

The whole point of this brief message is, do it at your speed, do it in as many sessions as you can. Take breaks when you need and as long as you need 10 minutes to 1 week! Whatever you need do it.



…is the key, make sure you come back to the process.

If you trained your muscles, once every so often, you would never progress. If you ate, once in a while, you would not survive. Same goes for your brain.

Work that brain, work it hard, then give it some love and some rest.

Now, the point!

Keep throwing mud at the wall till some sticks. Keep trying methods, approaches till you find what works. Then, get good at one weapon, language, or skill, THEN add more to the arsenal of skills.

Baby steps people, tiny, little,


Have a good one!