First Blog Entry!

May 01, 2015

Hello all! It’s me, it’s Dave. I am here to update you on my journey as I crusade through the tech world. I will try to keep you in the loop with the latest topics. All failing, it will be at least a FUN read.


I checked out the rise of the React! Totally interested, totally ready, let’s go. A new framework with tons of fancy features and ways to revolutionize the tech world, as all new toys say they will. I will start my coding journey with this today and keep you posted on my progress. React - A JavaScript library for building user interfaces A JavaScript library for building user

“Jobs! I need one! Hire me!”

Can you tell I’m hungry to get PAID…err, I mean learn. No! Really I do want to learn, I am hungry for it and loving my new found ability to read and write my own code! What a liberating experience! I am currently on a 2 hour binge per day to keep my fingers on fire.

“Here ye, here ye! Get all ya tech news!”

To stay in the loop I’ve started watching the tech news from tech crunch: Crunch Report Crunch Report - Your daily roundup of the biggest TechCrunch stories and startup

Fantastic series of episodes, regularly broadcasting fantastic content with a bit/a lot of hilarity to keep you interested in any of the slightly more technical info!

This guy, this guy…his faces. Khaled “Tito” Hamze | TechCrunch Startups, Tech, Media, Tacos, Cake I enjoy creating videos for fun and professionally and when combined with tech…

Anyway coders! I’m off to finalise some cv work.

Au revoir pour le moment…